Our skin is a barrier for our bodies from harsh pollutants and toxins. With city life being so hard on your skin these treatments are designed to help keep your skin soft and youthful.

Choose from Body Slimming, Cellulite Reduction, or Body Glow Treatment.
Sea life concentrates are gathered from rocks anchored on the bottom of the Sargasso Sea, south of the Tropicof Cancer. These concentrates are used to revitalize the human body. The marine therapy products hydrate or detoxify according to your clients’ needs. Every client will enjoy the invigorating and rejuvenating experience Bio Jouvance Paris Body Line products supply. This treatment will leave your skin soft, refreshed, and glowing.
Uplift 60MIN $115
Special care is giving to areas of the body in need of a lift. This anti ageing body treatment will tighten your skin's elasticity and help "those problem areas' that come with age.